Presentation of the School

Not simply a French school

The Lycée Français international de Rangoon (LFIR) is an institution of French excellence, a member of the AEFE network as of the 2016 academic year. Teaching is done in French and English. Courses in Myanmar language are also offered as well as Spanish. Since its inception, the tradition of the Lycée has been to act as a place for linguistic and cultural exchanges. The Lycée welcomes students of all nationalities, from kindergarten through high school, and aims to foster personal growth, autonomy, encourage critical thinking, rigor and for students to excel, with an emphasis on group work and mutual respect. The Lycée is certified by the French national education system. 


The Lycée’s Education Plan was voted on during the first School Council meeting on November 17, 2016.



The school was initially founded by the Total Group, in 1993, to ensure a French education for the French children of its employees. The management and oversight of the French International School of Yangon, Joseph Kessel (LFIR) is now conducted by the Yangon chapter PTA (Parent Teacher Association) since the start of the 2016 academic year. 


The French International school of Yangon is a partner institution and member of the AEFE network. As such, it is one of 495 French schools overseas registered by the French Ministry of Education and one of 33 establishments in Asia-Pacific that are aligned with the French national education system.


For the past 20 years, LFIR has been situated in the heart of Golden Valley within the economic capital of Yangon in Myanmar. The school currently enrolls about 130 French and foreign students, including Myanmar students. It ensures a French education to the first and second degree. Since the beginning of 2017, LFIR has welcomed even more students from different nationalities, with the opening of pre-kindergarten classes. With this expansion came the first wave of bilingual teaching in French/English at this level.


The Education School Plan is based on a policy of openness to the host country, fluency in French and encouragement of multilingualism (with an emphasis on the teaching of English, Spanish and Burmese). Some 20 extra curricular and sports activities are also offered in the program.  


The educational Team

Fifteen certified teachers manage curriculum instruction complimented by a team of assistant educators. The remainder of the staff is comprised of management, administrative, technical, health and service officers.


A growing school

In anticipation of exponential growth as Myanmar continues to open up to the outside world, there is currently a plan to move the LFIR campus to a more centralized location. This large-scale real estate project involves the construction of new buildings, with the creation of new educational and administrative spaces and the construction of a sports field.   


Student body

The current student body is comprised of 38% French nationals, 12% are bi-nationals (French/other Nationality), 42% are other foreign nationals and 8% are Myanmar students. The school boasts students from 26 different nationalities.


REGISTRATION for school year 2018-2019

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Visit our pre-school classes
with the Chief Minister, The Karen Minister and our Ambassador.

The 3 new classes in the new building 

are in business since Sept 2018:

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Partnership with a Burmese school

On the request of the Minister of Education of the Union of Myanmar, Professor Myo Thein Gyi, and of His Excellency the French Ambassador to Myanmar, the French International School recently partnered with the n°2 Basic Education High School. Two students gatherings are already planned: on 10 November our students will visit the Burmese school and on the 15th November, the Burmese students will visit us at LFIR! A lot of enriching events are to be foreseen!


Thank you to the academic team and the Director for their warm welcome!

Noa, student in 5ème asks a few questions to Mr. Christophe Cassin, the School Headmaster.