Our school


A french and international school


The French International School of Yangon (LFIR) is a school of excellence, member of the AEFE network since 2016. Teaching is done in french and english.

The students also follow burmese language classes, and can choose spanish or german classes.

The school is open to students from all over the world, from 2 years-old to 18. It is certified by the french Ministry of Education, and follows the french curriculum.


Our story


Opened by Total group in 1993 to ensure the education of the french children of its employees, the LFIR is currently managed since September 2016 by the APER (Student's parents association). 


The LFIR is a member of the AEFE network as a partner school. It means we are a part of the 496 french schools network abroad, certified by the french Ministry of Education, and one of the 36 schools in Pacific Asia to teach a french ministry-approved curriculum. 


Settled in the heart of the Golden Valley neighborhood, in the economic capital city of Myanmar, Yangon, the school now welcome almost 200 students from more than 30 different countries, half of them french. 


20 teachers are in charge of the students. Other staff members include educational and administrative personnel, security agents, health and service staff. 


A school growing fast


Our number of students getting bigger every year, they now follow their class in two different campuses since 2018, connected all day long by the school's minibus. The secondary cycle moved to the Institut Français de Birmanie site, in the Sanchaung neighborhood. Starting 2020, a brand new campus, larger, greener, with high level sports installations and a pool will welcome all of our students. 


Our schools partners


The LFIR partners with the N°2 Basic Education High School since 2017, and the Yangon Japanese School for more than 10 years now. Cultural, sports and educational experiences are shared on a regular basis between our students, and beloved by everyone involved.



The school's lion and Joseph Kessel


Accomplished reporter, explorer, war resister and french writer, Joseph Kessel traveled to Myanmar in 1955 to discover Mogok. He would write an adventurous and documentary novel about it, called "The ruby valley" about this forgotten city.


He is also the writer of another book, telling the frienship story between a lion and a little girl named Patricia, called ... "The lion"! The school's logo pays tribute to the art of this historical figure.


 Read the Education Guiding Principles document (available in French) 

here as approved during the first Teaching Council on November 2017.

Read the rules and regulations (available in French) here. 



Enrolment for the school year 2019-2020


The LFIR welcomes students from the first kindergarten year to the French baccalauréat degree at 18 years-old, including non-french speakers. New students are welcome all year long, according to the vacancy in the classrooms.


You can also fill the registration form directly at the school's secretariat during the opening hours. 


To know more about the various payment modalities and the list of mandatory documents, please download and read the financial regulations document below. 



Don't hesitate to contact the secretariat for any question, at secretariat@lfir.org.


Enrollment form

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Financial regulations

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Fees for 2019-2020


The school fees are administrative fees at the first registration, annual registration fees and schooling fees. 


The administrative fees at the first registration of a child are due at the first registration, or when at a re-enrolment process following a student leaving. 


The annual registration fees are to be paid each year. The registration fees for national exams for the 3ème, 1ère and Terminale students are included. 


The schooling fees are covering all the school's operating costs. 


* The "personal" rate applies to families who do not receive a contribution from their employers or a contribution of less than or equal to USD 3 000 (USD 1 900 in the sole case of 1st year of kindergarten school). A sworn statement from the employer will be required. In all other cases, the "Employer Participation" rate will be applied.


** Partial or total coverage by an employer or organization.