Bi-monthly newsletters


Every two weeks, the LFIR communicates the latest news and updates. Please find below the most recent publications.


Newsletter of May 10 - The school year is over soon!

NEWSLETTER LFIR 10-05-2019.pdf
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Newsletter of April 5 - A new campus for the school ?

NEWSLETTER LFIR 05-04-2019.pdf
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Newsletter of March 21 - Class pictures available soon!

NEWSLETTER LFIR - 21-03-2019.pdf
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Newsletter of March 8 - Good luck to our students for the Ambassadeurs en Herbe finals!

NEWSLETTER LFIR - 08-03-2019.pdf
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Newsletter of February 1 - A new logo for the school!

NEWSLETTER LFIR - 01-02-2019.pdf
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Newsletter of January 11 - Thank you for this beautiful Christmas party at school!

NEWSLETTER LFIR 11-01-19.pdf
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