Don't speak french? Don't worry!

Two-thirds of the teaching are done in french language, one third in english. Bilinguism of our students is an aim for each end of school year, so classes are adapted to an international audience, supported with a follow-up system in every classroom to help students in need, starting year 2019-2020.


Foreign languages taught in class are organized as follow:


Language taught

Hours per week

Students concerned



All students



Starting from 5ème



Starting from 5ème


In addition to this teaching, our students can learn another language in autonomy, with the CNED organization. More information on


All of our students can also get a Cambridge certification, with a training from the school, and a DELF certification for non-french speaking students. 





The French as Foreign Language system (FLE) / French as Schooling Language (FLSco) has been implemented to welcome students with difficulties or no French language skills at all at the LFIR.


It is dedicated firstly to students who don't know French language, but also those still learning it and in need of strengthening their skills. This teaching allows the students to follow properly the various teachings at the school. 


The FLE teaching is done in small groups, with an emphasis on oral skills, to allow them to learn French with more confidence. 



This system is adapted to specific needs of the child, and to its unique personality. After an analysis of the child's French level, he/she joins the group, for an intensive and daily practice with their teacher. 

The teaching hours are reduced as the school year moves on. 



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