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A French International School.

Education in French and English according to the French curriculum.

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Classes for Pre-school age 2 - 5 years old, Primary and secondary from Grade 1 - Grade 9 and high school Grade 10 (start September 2018)

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Who is who?

More than 90% of the courses are taught by teachers with national education diplomas.
For Elementary they hold CRPE and for secondary they hold CAPES or Aggregation.
Teachers are recruited in France.

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One year after its opening, the LFIR continues to progress and launches new projects!

In this second year The French International School of Yangon (LFIR), in partnership with AEFE, has doubled its attendance. We currently have 133 students.
The successful opening of our kindergarten (Grande Section, 5 years old) last year has allowed us to go further this year opening our doors to students in Nursery (Petite Section, 3 years old) and Pre-K (Moyenne Section, 4 years old). And now we opened our TPS, for 2 year olds.
All children from 2 to 5 years old are now welcome. And no prior knowledge of French is needed.


But, it is not only the little ones who give us energy. It's also the older students who push us to move forward. That's why we decided to start 10th Grade in September 2018. An actual class in "direct education" that will allow our current 9th graders to continue their schooling at high school level.

If you are curious to see our French model, push open the door, we welcome visitors daily. See you soon.

Upcoming events


On Saturday 10th of February, the annual, always busy,

Fête de la Francophonie

will be held at the French Institute in Yangon.

We will be activily participating in this cultural rich event.

Dictée d`Or, workshops, performances, singing contest, kids activities and an artisan market.



Budding young Ambassadors

Cultural exchanges with Burmese, American and Japanese schools

Film festival project "Tomorrow the 30s"

Robotics Competition

Opening TPS

Opening 10th Grade class


College students visiting exhibition "Alternatives Truths"


Chuu Wai Nyein's exhibition invites reflection, beyond any cultural, mental or linguistic barrier. The college students were able to interview the artist and wonder about the major issues raised by her work.

Another group of students used the paintings to get inspired to make their own drawings.




Police investigators


In this first term the students of CM1 worked on a crime novel. After reading a "killer on my doorstep" and various investigations by Inspector Lafouine, the students wrote their own police investigation report. For the artistic side they could discover different forms of art and techniques, how to use tape and black light for creating a crime scene and to discover English vocabulary.




Participating at the 1st Christmas Market in Myanmar.


All LFIR students performed Friday night, December 8, at the opening of the Christmas market at Myanmar Plaza. The large audience applaud "the Marseillaise" and some other songs, and cheered for the acrogym figures. On Saturday, the students supervised robotics and artistic workshops. They also presented animated Christmas stories using shadow puppet theatre. A big success !!

Discover Dala, an almost un-known district of Rangoon ... by ATB


The 6th and 5th grades took part of `the discovery of Dala` by ATB. Combining sport and culture, they put the bikes on the boat to cross the Yangon River and drove through the township of Dala, an almost un-known district of Rangoon, on the quiet peninsula near the Twantay Canal, away from the tumult of the big city.

Skate obstacle courses


Grade 1 has a rolling and sportive challenge this term.


Ones a week they put on their skates, helmets and protective arm and leg gear. And than it is time to take the challenge to ride an obstacle course.


Not always easy for everybody, but they all find their way making it to the end!


Sportive meet-up at the Japanese school in Rangoon


December, 2016 - The CE2-CM classes and the entire college have traveled to an "international" football tournament at the Japanese school in Rangoon. We were expecting sharp competitions from Japanese teams but also from their neighbours from the school for the deaf. We learned a few Japanese words, some sign language and exchanged a lot of smiles!

Shadow puppet theatre - a complete educative project


Listening, writing, reading, illustrating, co-writing, scriptwriting, multilingualism, speaking, presenting.

Add some humour and a bit of stress and you have an extremely rich project in which our students have experienced a diversity of ways to express themselves.
All in one activity.


 Le crédit des photos qui sont mises en ligne sur le site internet du LFIR est à attribuer à David Clavé, photographe professionnel.