"Give your children a chance to attend a school of excellence

and study both in French and English!"


The French International School of Yangon (LFIR) has been a member of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) since the beginning of 2016. Teaching is done in French and English. Myanmar language classes are also offered as well as Spanish. The school, because of its history and tradition is a meeting place for linguistic and cultural exchanges. It welcomes students of all nationalities, from the kindergarten to high school. It aims to encourage personal fulfilment, to develop independence and critical spirit, to give student a taste of effort and competition, all combined in group work and in the respect of each other. Teaching is done according to the French curriculum.


A French International School.

Education in French and English according to the French curriculum.

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Classes for Pre-school age 2 - 5 years old, Primary and secondary from Grade 1 - Grade 9 and high school Grade 10 (start September 2018)

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Who is who?

More than 90% of the courses are taught by teachers with national education diplomas.
For Elementary they hold CRPE and for secondary they hold CAPES or Aggregation.
Teachers are recruited in France.

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The LFIR future (from Sep 2018)

Enrollment is open for school year 2018-2019?


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Myanm`art at LFIR

A week full of Art. Our students will experience the wide diversity of art forms, from around the world and from Myanmar. Artists will visit our school for exhibitions and workshops.

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Budding young Ambassadors Final in Paris with Miya

Cultural exchanges with Burmese, American and Japanese schools

Film festival project "Tomorrow the 30s"

Robotics Competition

Science week


Budding ambassasors 2018


Last week, LFIR won in Phnom Penh! Congratulation Miya!!!
One team from Yangon, 5 LFIR students; spirited, well trained and of course great debaters. They all showed enormous talent.
We are very proud to announce that in the category elementary, Miya, will represent LFIR in Paris in May.




Graffiti creations


In the occasion of Myanm`art, the school`s art festival, mr. Arker Kyaw is working on some amazing cool graffiti. We have his work already on display at some other places in the school. He is finishing the wall near the bicycle area now, before he will continue to his next project....where in school will that be?


DELF certificates ceremony


Some of our non-native French speaking students participated in the DELF exams of 2017.
Diplôme d'études en langue française (DELF) tests their French language skill abilities. Recently they received their diplomas at the IFB.

The exams of 2018 are coming up soon. We are already preparing a bigger group of students for this year`s exams.

 Le crédit des photos qui sont mises en ligne sur le site internet du LFIR est à attribuer à David Clavé, photographe professionnel.