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The French International School of Yangon invites you to its open day on 16 February 2017. Teachers and students are waiting for you to introduce their school and activities.

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Open day at LFIR

Open Day at LFIR

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Recording slams in a professional studio in Rangoon!


31 Jan 2017 - In the framework of the EPI "I slam so I am", students of 4th and 3rd of the LFIR have worked on the theme "narcissism" and the relationship of yourself and others. In order to reflect on the question: “How is the self-image conveyed by social media in our society nowadays”. They then created their own slam in a studio.

Discover Dala, an almost un-known district of Rangoon ... by ATB


17 Jan 2017 - The 6th and 5th grades took part of `the discovery of Dala` by ATB. Combining sport and culture, they put the bikes on the boat to cross the Yangon River and drove through the township of Dala, an almost un-known district of Rangoon, on the quiet peninsula near the Twantay Canal, away from the tumult of the big city.

The classes of GS, CP and CE1 reinforce the French-Japanese friendship


17 Jan 2017 - GS, CP and CE1 of the Lycée français international went to the Japanese School of Yangon to share cultural activities and strengthen the relationships already created during the last football meet-up. We had a great welcome and we shared much more than games together.

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The French School supports Paris 2024!



13 Jan 2017 - The AEFE schools support Paris as a candidate for the 2024 Olympic Games. We asked the students to `say` Paris in sign language, and captured this moment. The kids brought home the new school t-shirt this day!



A memorable Christmas party at the French International School


December 16, 2016  -   This year's Christmas party had a different presentation! Half-party, half-presentation of the students work, parents were able to see their children in action in the classes. We were also honoured by a visite from the Chief Minister and his wife, as well as the Minister of the Karen people and the Ambassador of France in Yangon.

Sportive meet-up at the Japanese school in Rangoon


December 14, 2016 - The CE2-CM classes and the entire college have traveled to an "international" football tournament at the Japanese school in Rangoon. We were expecting sharp competitions from Japanese teams but also from their neighbours from the school for the deaf. We learned a few Japanese words, some sign language and exchanged a lot of smiles!

Meet the Mingalabar Festival puppets!


15 Nov 2016 - Our students went to the National Theatre of Yangon to participate in the making of a giant wicker puppet as part of the Mingalabar! Festival, a major cultural encounter with the theme `Claim the street and freedom.


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Upcoming events

Venez nombreux visiter le Lycée français le 16 février 2017 ! LE PROGRAMME:


13h-14h30 : « Immersion. »  Venez rencontrer élèves et professeurs en activités dans leurs classes. Visitez l’établissement et ses projets pour l’avenir.

14h30-16h : Assistez aux activités péri-scolaires (art, programmation, vovinam, cirque, etc..), visite de musée virtuel, expo photos, projection de films.

18h30 : Conférence sur le  système éducatif français (les nouveaux programmes, les forces du réseau AEFE, le projet d’établissement du LFIR, la gestion de l’établissement). Lire >>

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Projet culturel de la zone Asie-Pacifique :


Territoires d'Asie


Nous sommes engagés dans un PROZAP (Projet zone Asie Pacifique) lié à la photographie. Le thème est « Visage et émotions dans le pays d’accueil ». Nos enfants doivent prendre en photo des visages expressifs qui traduisent des émotions. La première salve de photos a eu lieu pendant le festival Migalabar. En effet, il suffisait d’être au milieu de la foule pour immortaliser les visages radieux et étonnés de nos amis Birmans.


La chasse est encore ouverte jusqu’à fin janvier. Verdict à Honk Kong fin mai où les 37 établissements de la zone Asie seront représentés.


A vos appareils !




  • Mardi 17 janvier : Sortie culturelle en VTT pour les collégiens de 6ème et 5ème Lire >>
  • Mardi 17 janvier : Réunion parents CE1 à 18h
  • Lundi 23 janvier : Réunion parents CM à 18h
  • Mardi 24 janvier : Sortie VTT (4ème-3ème et Seconde)
  • Mardi 24 janvier : Réunion  GS (1/3 des élèves) et des CE2 à 18h
  • Jeudi 26 janvier : Réunion parents GS (1/3 des élèves) 
  • Mardi 31 janvier : Réunion parents GS  (1/3 des élèves)
  • Mardi 31 janvier 2017 : enregistrement des slams Lire >> 
  • 11 février 2017 : Journée de la francophonie
  • 16 février 2017 : Journée portes ouvertes
  • Et aussi lancement du rallye lecture en CP et du projet "Clément aplati".

 Le crédit des photos qui sont mises en ligne sur le site internet du LFIR est à attribuer à David Clavé, photographe professionnel.